Old Canadian Inuit- Eskimo Argillite Goose Carving Sculpture Signed

Old Canadian Inuit- Eskimo Argillite Goose Carving Sculpture Signed

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An old Canadian Inuit- Eskimo Argillite carving depicting swimming goose, sculptured from the silky-smooth natural solid Argillite stone by the Inuit artist of the Canadian Arctic. Signed on the bottom with initials J-T- 72 (indicating that the sculpture was carved in the year 1972) and below N GNITUK.

The Inuit ("People" in their language of Inuktitut) are spread out across the top of North America - from the northern slopes of Alaska in the West, throughout the northern Canadian coastline and archipelago, to Greenland in the East. The art they create is as varied as the land and sea they call home, and the materials they are using.

Dimensions approximately:

Overall length: 26 cm (10.24 inches)
Height;12.5 (4 59⁄64 inches)
Width: 7.7 cm. 3 1⁄32 inches)

Weight: 1.233 kg (2lb 11.49 oz)

CONDITION: In good condition, no cracks or restorations, with signs of age and usage and wear, some chips on the bottom edge of the sculpture, we believe that these chips are natural imperfections of the stone.

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