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SOLD Russian Kasli Iron Sculpture Cossack The Farewell Kiss after Lansere
SOLD Scarce Antique 18th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Balkan Axe Greek or Albanian
SOLD Scarce antique 19th century Turkish Ottoman Naval officer's Sword Sabre
SOLD Scottish Dirk Sgian Dubh With Sterling Silver Mountings
SOLD Semi Antique Chinese rosewood sculpture of the Foo Dogs Buddhist Guardian Lions Shishi
SOLD Semi - Antique Islamic North African Maghrebi Arab Spahis Saddle
SOLD Set Of 6 Porcelain Military Plates With Imperial Russian Soldiers
SOLD Set of Two Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Daggers 18th century
SOLD Superb Quality Antique Scrimshaw Finnish Knife Puukko
SOLD Turkish Ottoman Bronze incense-burner Polycandelon 16th century
SOLD Very Rare Antique 15th-17th century Turkish Ottoman Armour Arm guard Bazuband
SOLD Very Rare Antique Chinese Republic Army Officer Sword 1912-1928
SOLD Very Rare Antique Late 17th/Early 18th Century Polish Hussar Winged Helmet Szyszak
SOLD Winter In The City Oil Painting By Russian Artist Korolev
SOLD Japanese Samurai Dagger Sword Tanto by NOBUYOSHI with Kozuka & Kogai
SOLD Jean Paul Lemieux (Canadian, 1904-1990) “Saskatchewan" Screen Print Signed
SOLD Jeweled and Enameled Gild Silver Dagger in Hungarian Transylvanian Manner
SOLD Large African Ethiopian Abyssinian Coptic Orthodox Processional Cross
SOLD Large Antique 19th Century Chinese Qing Dynasty Embroidery
SOLD Large Antique 19th Century Islamic Persian Qajar Dynasty Ceramic Bowl
SOLD Maori Wooden Ancestor Tekoteko Figure New Zealand 19th Or Early 20th Century
SOLD Mural Bas-Relief Painting by listed Croatian American Artist Ljubo Biro (1913-1994) Portrait Of A Man In Classical Ancient Manner
SOLD Original Polish Army Helmet Wz 31 Salamander
SOLD Original WWII Japanese Imperial Army Officer’s Shin Gunto Signed Katana Sword
SOLD Pair Of Antique 17th century Islamic Crimean Tatar Saddle Stirrups
SOLD Pair of Antique 18th -19th century Turkish Ottoman Silver Military Islamic Zarfs
SOLD Pair OF Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Shuang Dao Niuwei Dao Swords
SOLD Pair of Antique French Chinoiserie Faience Vases 18th 19th century
SOLD Pair Of Chinese Antique Mother-Of-Pearl Inlaid Black-Lacquered Camels Qing Dynasty 1644-1911
SOLD Pair Of European Porcelain Busts -Napoleon and Josephine
SOLD Persian Islamic Silver Box With The Lid
SOLD Persian Medieval Islamic Seljuk Kashan Jug 13th century
(SOLD) Peruvian Amazon Shipibo Culture Pottery Bowl
SOLD Polish Antique Silver Candy Basket In Empire Style 19th century Poland
SOLD Pre-Columbian Aztec Corn Goddess Mize
SOLD Pre-Columbian Maya Mayan Green Stone Necklace
SOLD Prehistoric Paleolithic Mousterian Axe- Celt 90,000–35,000 B.C.
SOLD Presentation Military Gurkha Rifles Kothimora Knife Ram – Dao
SOLD Rare 4 Antique Victorian Indian Sikh Terracotta Figurines
SOLD Rare Ancient Chinese Neolithic Yangshao Culture Pottery Amphora/Jar Circa 3000 B.C.
SOLD Rare Ancient North-Western Asiatic Bronze Sword ca. 1200-800 B.C.
SOLD Rare Antique 15-17th Century Mongol -Tatar Wicker Shield Kalkan
SOLD Rare Antique 16th Century (1500 A.D.-1550 A.D.) Knight War Hammer
SOLD Rare Antique 18th Century Polish Sword Sabre
SOLD Rare Antique 19th Century 1882 French Longwy Ceramic Vase By Emmanuel Kilbert
SOLD Rare Antique 19th Century Filipino Luzon Sword Bolo
SOLD Rare Antique 19th Century Islamic Dagger Bichaq Bukhara
SOLD Rare Antique 19th century Mexican High-Ranking Officer Sword
SOLD Rare Antique.C.1900 Islamic Persian Officer Sword With Zoroastrian Faravahar
SOLD Rare Antique Chinese 17th -18th century Qing Dynasty Gold Brocade Silk panel
SOLD Rare Antique Indonesian Madura Sword Kris/Keris With Rootwood Hilt
SOLD Rare Antique Islamic African Fulani Dagger
SOLD Rare Antique Islamic Indo Persian Afghan Sword 19th Century Afghanistan
SOLD Rare Antique Medieval 10th -12th century Viking Norman KnightHelmet
SOLD Rare Antique South Indian Sacrificial Scythe Matchu Axe Sword 17th Century India
SOLD Rare Antique Turkish Ottoman or Polish Hungarian Mace
SOLD Rare Antique Turkish Ottoman Sword Kilij with 17th century Blade Damascus Steel Wootz
SOLD Rare Authentic Antique 17th -18th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Karabela
SOLD Rare Authentic Antique Polish Officer Cavalry Sword Sabre Model WZ.1917
SOLD Rare Museum Quality Antique Sword Bolo Filipino Philippine
SOLD RARE Polish Army Bayonet wz.29 by F.B. RADOM for a Polish Mauser Rifle
SOLD Rare Polish Bayonet 1939 F.B. RADOM (Arms Factory Radom) Modified And Used By German Army In World War II
SOLD Rare Set Of 11 Antique Chinese Qing dynasty Mongolian Tibetan 17th -19th Century Bow Arrows
SOLD Rare WWII Polish Army Bayonet PERKUN For a Mauser Rifle
SOLD Antique Tibetan Wooden Covers For A Buddhist Book.
SOLD Antique Tribal African Islamic Tuareg - Fulani Bracelet Currency Money Manilla
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Balkan Dagger Kard
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Dagger Khanjar Islamic Jambiya 19th century
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Flintlock Pistol 18th century
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Gold Gild Silver Armenian Belt Ottoman Empire Armenia - Caucasus
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Ammunition Belt Bandolier With 2 Leather Bullets Pouches
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Ceramic Channakale -Canakkale Pilgrim Flask
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Dagger Jambiya
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Ladies’ Shoes Embroidered With Metallic Threads
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Pipe Cubuk With Tophane Pottery Bowl
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Shoes Mules Embroidered In Metallic Silver And Gilt Thread
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Silver – Gilt Belt
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Stirrups in Silver and Gold Inlaid Arabic Characters
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic sword Shamshir Damascus Steel 18th century
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Matchlock Gun Islamic Musket
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Silver Dervish Dagger 19th century
SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Silver Islamic Military Zarf with Sultan Tugra
SOLD Antique Ukrainian Polish Russian Icon The Pochayiv Mother Of God Matka Boska Poczajowska
SOLD Antique US Army NCO (Noncommissioned Officers) American Civil War sword Model 1840
SOLD Antique Viennese Silver and Enamel Napoleonic Snuff Box With Napoleon by Herman Boehm
SOLD A pair antique Qing dynasty 18th -19th century Chinese Panels appliqué with Jade & Hardstone
SOLD A Pair Of Antique 17th – 18th Century Islamic Turkish Ottoman Stirrups
SOLD A Pair Of Antique Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer Vases Imperial China: Qing Dynasty (1644–1911).
SOLD A pair of Very Rare Antique Kesi silk with gold Chinese Qing Dynasty First Rank badges Military Officials
SOLD A rare Antique 17th -18th century, South Indian, Tanjore Yali dagger Chilanum
SOLD Art Deco Polish Letter Opener With Warsaw Mermaid Syrenka Warszawska Poland
SOLD A scarce Antique 19th century British Victorian Infantry Sergeant’s Sword Sabre 1822/1845 Pattern
SOLD Austrian Joseph II Gold Coin 1786 A 2 Ducat Austria Holy Roman Empire
SOLD Authentic Ancient Greek Large Bronze Bowl Philale 6th Century B.C.
SOLD Authentic Antique 17th -19th century Russian Orthodox Icon Mother of God Fedorovskaya
SOLD Authentic Antique 18th century Spanish Bronze Reliquary Cross Caravaca Crucifix
SOLD Authentic Antique American Civil War Confederate Cavalry saber Wristbreaker
SOLD Authentic antique American Civil War US Cavalry Sword Model 1840 “wristbreaker”,
SOLD Authentic Antique Ukrainian Cossack Sword Sabre 18th Century Ukraine
SOLD Authentic World War II Polish Home / Resistance Army Officer’s Armband
SOLD British Heavy Cavalry Sword Pattern 1796 Waterloo1815 format DAWES, BIRMINGHAM
SOLD Bronze Sculpture Of Bactrian Camel
SOLD Canadian British George V Infantry Officer's Sword M 1897 William Scully Montreal
SOLD Chinese Jadeite Jade Pendant Bok Choy Cabbage Necklace
SOLD Czech landscape oil painting by Czech Painter Frantisek Danek - Sedlacek
SOLD Exceptional Antique 19th Century Qing Dynasty Chinese Sword Dao
SOLD Exceptional Antique Bhutanese Sword Bhutan 18th -19th Century
SOLD Extremely Rare Antique Imperial Russian Napoleonic Hussar Officers' Sword Sabre
SOLD German Watercolor by Johannes Grüger Deutsche Aquarelle No1
SOLD Huge Antique 18th - 19th century Turkish Ottoman Sword Islamic Yatagan Yataghan
SOLD Huge Authentic Antique 19th Century Qing Dynasty Chinese Bronze - Brass Censer Incense Burner
SOLD Indian Bronze figure of Vishnu 17th century
SOLD Indo Persian Islamic Afghan Dagger Pesh kabze Choora
SOLD Islamic Mughal Indian bronze Cosmetic Container 18th Century
SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Aztec Ceramic stamp seal circa 1000-1500 AD
SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Aztec Sacrificial Flint Blade Knife Tecpatlixquahua Late Classic 1175-1521 AD
SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Bahía Culture 500 BC–500 AD ceramic Shaman Figure
SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Ceramic Nicoya Pottery Figure
SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Female Ceramic Figure with Elongated Skulls 300 BC-400 AD
SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Moche Ceramic Effigy Owl Vessel 200-800 A.D.
SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Narino Culture Polychrome Pottery Bowl 850-1500 AD
SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Nude Male Ceramic Plaque Jama-Coaque 300 B.C. - 400 A.D.
SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Stone Axe Pre-Incan Andes 500 B.C. - A.D. 500
SOLD Antique Presentation Kothimora Kukri Khukuri 7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles in S
SOLD Antique Qajar Persian Cossack Islamic Sword Shashka after Russian Dragoon Saber
SOLD Antique Qing Dynasty Chinese Knife Dagger To Sword Jian & Dao
SOLD Antique Qing Dynasty Chinese Silver Filigree Headdress Ornaments Earrings
SOLD Antique Royal Afghan Islamic Sword Siraj ul-millat wa ud-din
SOLD Antique Royal Danish Naval Or Army Officer’s Dirk Dagger
SOLD Antique Russian Cossack Caucasian Dagger sword Kindjal 19th c
SOLD Antique Russian Cossack Caucasian sword Kindjal 19th century Caucasus
SOLD Antique Russian Cossack's Soviet sword Shashka 1942 or First Polish Army
SOLD Antique Russian Gilt Brass Icon Christ being Taken From The Cross
SOLD Antique Russian Islamic Turcoman Tekke Silver Mounted Turkmen Horse Breast Band
SOLD Antique Russian Islamic Turcoman Tekke Silver Mounted Turkmen Horse Bridle
SOLD Antique Russian Islamic Turkoman Tekke Silver Mounted Turkmen Horse halter Bridle
SOLD Antique Russian Orthodox Brass Cross Crucifix 18th -19th century
SOLD Antique Russian Orthodox Icon of St. Christina
SOLD Antique Scottish powder horn with white metal mounts (German silver)
SOLD Antique Set of brass Nesting Apothecary's Weights
SOLD Antique Silver Arab Dagger Arabic Dagger Jambiya Khanjar
SOLD Antique Silver Gilt Saudi Arabian Meccan Jambiya As The Lawrence Of Arabia Dagger
SOLD Antique Silver Mounted Indo Persian Islamic Sword Khyber Knife Salawar Yatagan
SOLD Antique Silver mounted Islamic Indo Persian Dagger Arab Jambiya
SOLD Antique Silver Mounted Nepalese Gurkha Combat Knife Dagger Kukri Khukuri Nepal
SOLD Antique Silver Mounted Scottish Highlander's Dirk Dagger
SOLD Antique Silver mounted Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Yatagan Yataghan
SOLD Antique Silver Spoon Augustus The Strong King Of Poland & Polish Lithuanian Coat Of Arms
SOLD Antique Silver Spoon Miniature Enamel Portrait Wilhelm II by Turkish Ottoman Artist
SOLD Antique Silver Walking Stick Cane Polish Coat Of Arms Kościesza Poland
SOLD Antique Spanish 18th Century Sword Rapier Bilbo
SOLD Antique Spanish Colonial Painting Retablos La Santisima Trinidad Holy Trinity
SOLD Antique Spanish Colonial Retablo Painting The Holy Family
SOLD Antique Spanish Colonial Retablos Mater Dolorosa Our Lady of Sorrows 18th century
SOLD Antique, Sudanese Islamic Arab dagger Khanjar Jambiya
SOLD Antique Sword American War of 1812 US Light Artillery Sword Sabre
SOLD Antique Sword Mandau Parang Ihlang of Head Hunters Dayak Borneo
SOLD Antique Thai silver mounted Sword Dha - Daarb ,Dah 18th - 19th century Siam
SOLD Antique Tibetan Bell circa 1900
SOLD Antique Tibetan Buddhist Amulet Box Gau
SOLD Antique Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Sword Of Manjushri Iron Finial 18 Century
SOLD Antique Tibetan Dhakya Silver Cup Stand & Cover With 12th Century Chinese Song Celadon Porcelain Cup
SOLD Antique Tibetan Short Knife Dagger Lothi
SOLD Antique Tibetan Silver Buddhist Bowl
SOLD Antique Medieval Islamic Seljuk Seljuq Turks Bronze Oil Lamp Khorasan 12th Century A.D. (6th century AH)
SOLD Antique Medieval Romanesque 11th -13th Century Marble Column Base
SOLD Antique Medieval Viking battle axe head 10th-11th century A.D.
SOLD Antique Meiji Period Imperial Japanese Police Sword Wakizashi
SOLD Antique Meiji period Japanese Sword Ken Wakizashi with Horimono
SOLD Antique Military Nepalese Gurkha combat knife kukri / Khukuri
SOLD Antique Miniature Painting Portrait Army Commander in Armour
SOLD Antique Miniature Portrait of Young Aristocrat
SOLD Antique Moroccan Islamic Dagger Jambiya
SOLD Antique Moroccan Islamic Dagger Jambiya Koummaya in Silver
SOLD Antique Mother-of-Pearl Jerusalem Icon St George Killing The Dragon
SOLD Antique Mother-of-Pearl Orthodox Christian Icon Resurrection of Jesus Christ 19th Century Jerusalem
SOLD Antique Napoleon Bonaparte Bronze Sculpture Statue 19th century
SOLD Antique Napoleonic Bronze Sculpture Napoleon’s Grenadier by Luca Madrassi
SOLD Antique Napoleonic Helmet Schapska Czapka 1st Polish Lancers Regiment Of The Imperial Guard
SOLD Antique Napoleonic Miniature Portrait Empress Josephine 19th c
SOLD Antique Native American Indian Beaded Bag
SOLD Antique Naval Dirk Sword Turkish Ottoman Islamic Navy With Arabic Script
SOLD Antique Nepalese Copper Shield 19th century Nepal
SOLD Antique Oceanic Papua New Guinea Two Necklaces
SOLD Antique Oceanic Papua New Guinea War Club or Ceremonial War Paddle
SOLD Antique Ottoman Balkan Pistol 18th century
SOLD Antique Painted Miniature Portrait Of A Young Girl
SOLD Antique Painting Portrait French Marshal Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre by H. Rick
SOLD Antique Parcel-Gilt Silver Post-Byzantine Orthodox Pectoral Reliquary Cross 18th c
SOLD Antique Persian Ceramic Bowl, Kashan 12th Century
SOLD Antique Persian Cossack Islamic Sword After Russian Dragoon Shashka Saber
SOLD Antique Persian Islamic Jug 12th century
SOLD Antique Persian Qajar Dynasty Islamic Steel Axe Head Tabar
SOLD Antique Persian Sterling Silver Plaque 19th Century
SOLD Antique Philippine Dagger Sword Talibon
SOLD Antique Philippine Muslim Moro Islamic Dagger Punal 19th c
SOLD Antique Philippines Islamic Filipino Muslim Moro Chiefly Sword Kampilan
SOLD Antique Polish Cavalry Officer Sword wz. 1921/22
SOLD Antique Polish Cavalry sword Non-Commissioned Officer Sabre (Szabla podoficerska) wz. 1921/22
SOLD Antique Polish Gilt Silver Gilt Spoon with Polish–Lithuanian Coat Of Arms And Portrait Of Sigismund I The Old
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