Authentic Oil Painting by Romanian Born Jewish Israeli Artist Adler Adolf

Authentic Oil Painting by Romanian Born Jewish Israeli Artist Adler Adolf


An authentic painting, by Romanian born Jewish Israeli artist Adler, Adolf (Adi) oil on canvas depicting Jews at prayer, painted with vibrant alive brush strokes, sophisticated composition and a variety of colors. Hand singed by the artist in Hebrew, lower right, “Adler”, and in lower left, “Israel 1969”.

Adler, Adolf (Adi) 1917-1996.
Born in northern Transylvania - Romania. During WWII Adler was in a forced labor camp in the Ukraine, then imprisoned by the Russians. After the war, having lost much of his family in Auschwitz, he rebuilt his life around art. In 1950 he attended the Art College of Kluj in Romania. In 1963, Adler was chief among a group of well-known artists who immigrated to Israel where he lived until his death in 1996. He was awarded the Nordau prize in 1978. His works have been auctioned by various auction houses, including Sloan’s Auction House in Maryland and Karrenbauer Auction House in Germany, and today are represented in Yad Vashem. In 1984 a retrospective of his work was held in Rishon Le Zion where Adler lived until his death.


The Romanian government bought some of his works and they are shown in The National Museum of Transylvanian History in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


MEASUREMENTS: Dimensions with the frame: 67.3 cm x 53.4 cm (26 1/2 in x 21 in).

CONDITION: The painting is in its original condition, with old patina, some minor flakes in the paint near the edge of the frame. Free of repaint, repairs or restorations.



This painting is one of the early artworks that were created in Israel by Adolf Adler. In fact, it was painted just six years after his Aliyah from Romania to Israel in 1969 and establishing a new life, so the painting is proudly inscribed in the lower left corner in Hebrew “Israel”- the country of his new life and to emphasize his new life as a Jew in Israel after his previous life in Romania where all his paintings were signed in the Latin alphabet.


During the period of his popularity, in late 80's and early 90's, Adler painted many paintings for commercial purposes, repeating the same subjects in his paintings, however, this particular painting is unique compared to his other paintings in that the theme of the painting is associated with the Holocaust and the subject is not repeated in his other paintings.