Antique Silver Islamic Arabian Wahabite Dharia Dagger Arab Jambiya

Antique Silver Islamic Arabian Wahabite Dharia Dagger Arab Jambiya

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Superb quality antique 19th century massive eastern silver mounted Islamic Arabian Wahabite DHARIA dagger Jambiya, from the Western regions of Arabia (modern-day Saudi Arabia), Hijaz, and Asir and down as far as Yemen.

Details: A grip made of several elements roofed on the front and the back with horn scales, enclosed in midsection by copper strap, richly decorated with silver filigree and bead work, and brass panels at the back. Long double-edged curved hand forged steel blade slightly displayed in several places lamination in the steel forge layered pattern engraved at the forte with geometrical design. A leather covered wooden scabbard, with large silver mounting decorated ensuite with the hilt, locket adorned with filigree rosette and set with a red oval stone. The original tooled leather belt present and intact, decorated with stitching. The buckle hand hammered of iron.

References: The Arms and Armour of Arabia in 18th-19th and 20 centuries by Robert Elgood.

The buyer will be provided with a copy of the pages from the mentioned references, together with the certificate of authenticity.

This type of Jambiya is known amongst collectors as the Wahabite Arab Jambiya, the term is incorrect, the right name of this type of dagger is DHARIA. The word Dharia appears to come from the Arabic Dhura'eyah which translates as Arm Long Dagger. derived from dhera'a or arm length. These daggers are also called Sabiki, Sabak, Sabik depending on the spelling.

CONDITION: In good condition and shape considering its age, with signs of age and usage, a silver chape worn on the inner side over the years over of use.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length with the scabbard: 50.5 cm (19.88 inches)