Antique 18th Century Russian Or Polish Officer Sword Sabre

Antique 18th Century Russian Or Polish Officer Sword Sabre

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Rare, antique 18th-century excellent quality Russian or Polish officer sword.

DETAILS: A cast in low relief gold gild brass stirrup hilt of typical hussar form with a solid knuckle bow with an integral thumb ring and a pair of langets finely chiseled in low relief with an intricate pattern and bulbous rear quillon. The wooden grip is covered with white sharkskin bounding and is covered by fluted back-strap rising up to form the bust of the Turk or Cossack with a muscular torso, shaved head, and long mustaches with his hands tie behind. The sides flanked by two heads of mythical monsters with open jaws.

A beautiful superb quality slightly curved sturdy stall blade, certainly made by Caucasian - Georgian swordsmith, cut on each face with a broad full-length fuller enclosed on the edges by cut borders and adorned at the top with carved bud head and is accompanied by a short slender fuller along the back-edge

Hand-stitched leather scabbard mounted with a largely shaped brass locket, chape engraved on both sides with a linear frame and foliage and band with loops for suspension.

A sword with similar elaborate brass hilts with the grip covered in white sharkskin was made in Russia and Poland in the 18th century circa 1750 A.D.

CONDITION: This sword is in good condition considering its age, showing its age and usage. The gold gilding on the brass hilt and the brass scabbard fittings is mostly worn-out, locket split with traces of soldering, the upper suspension loop has broken off from the locket, leather near the lower mounting (chape) with surface cracks. All of this is an aspect from a used antique combat sword, approximately 250 years old.

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18th-century Imperial Russian swords with similar hilts are published in the following books.

1.Russian Edged Weapons by Alexander Kulinsky

2. Edged Weapons of the Russian Army and Navy, 1700-1881 by A.Ustjano & O.G. Leonov

3. 18th-century Caucasian sword blades with similar in style fullers are published in the book “Weapons of the Caucasian nations" by E. Astvacaturyan


Overall length: 97.5 cm (38 25⁄64).

Overall length without the scabbard: 93.7cm (36 57⁄64inches).

Length of the blade: 79.5 cm (31 19⁄64 inches).

Width of the blade at the widest point: 3.6 cm (1.42 inches).