Antique 17th -18th century Persian Safavid Islamic Gombroon Pottery Bowl

Antique 17th -18th century Persian Safavid Islamic Gombroon Pottery Bowl

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Antique, 17th -18th century, Persian, Safavid dynasty Period, Islamic Gombroon pierced pottery bowl of deep rounded form, supported on a narrow short foot, the sides adorned with eight pierced and glazed translucent rosettes in rice grain manner. The interior and exterior painted, underneath their thick glossy crackle glaze, in cobalt blue and black ornamentation, with a band of criss-cross around the rim, the interior adorned with a central flowerspray design.

The Gombroon, with pierced pattern, were inspirited by the17th century Chinese blue and white ceramic with pierced Rice Grain pattern.


The name Gombroon is taken from an English trading post in the town of Gombroon on the Persian Gulf, (now Bandar ʿAbbās), from where the ceramic was exported.


REFERENCES: A similar 17th century Persian Safavid Gombroon bowl is in; " The Rietz Collection of Food Technology," at the California Academy of Sciences.


MEASUREMENTS: Diameter: 18.5 cm (7 1/4inch). Height: 9 cm (3 1/2 inch).


CONDITION: Showing the age and usage patina, in good condition, considering its age of more than 250 years, with no restorations or repairs.