Antique Moroccan Jambiya Islamic dagger Koummya 19th c

Antique Moroccan Jambiya Islamic dagger Koummya 19th c

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Antique 19th century solid silver mounted Islamic, North African Maghrebi, “Arabic Moroccan dagger Jambiya Koummya”. A superb quality curved tapering double - edged steel blade cut with fullers, a wooden grip of characteristic waisted form, a silver ferrule, and a peacock's tail pommel, engraved in foliate in its solid silver scabbard, chiseled with expanded flower heads and scrolling foliage.


This dagger is better quality than average Moroccan koummyas with an extremely fine quality steel blade hardly ever seen in this type of jambiya.

REFERENCES: A similar Moroccan Jambiya is published in the book, “Islam: Les Armes Blanches de l'Atlantique à l'Indus” by Alain Jacob on page 9.


Please see the picture of the page attached to the listing.


Since the market is flooded by tourist souvenirs, reproductions of Moroccan dagger Koummyas with crudely made blades and mountings look the same as the authentic objects for inexperienced collectors, we would like to inform our clients that this is genuine authentic antique koummya jambiya and not a tourist souvenir.


The buyer will be provided with a copy of the page from the mentioned reference together with a certificate of authenticity.


CONDITION: In good condition considering its age with traces of slight rust on the blade, minor dents on the scabbard, and cracks from age in the hilt (as it is common in these types of antique daggers hilts).


Overall length in the scabbard: 40.5 cm (16 in)