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Antique Indo Persian Bazuband Islamic Armor 18th century

Antique Indo Persian Bazuband Islamic Armor 18th century

SKU: ES523

Antique 18th century Indo Persian Islamic arm guard armour Bazuband, made of well hand hammered steel, hand chiseled over its full surface with chevrons, comprised of floral motifs. The inner side retains its original padded fabric lining.

MEASUREMENTS: Length 31.4 cm (12 3/8 in). Wide at the widest point: 9.8 cm (3 7/8 inches).


Please by aware that most of the Indo Persian Arms and Armour on the market are good reproductions, made recently by artisans in India, professionally aged, and corroded, to look old and authentic, and are presented by crooks as authentic antique Indio Persian Arms & Armour. Some look for inexperienced collectors as very authentic, however, these examples do not have any historical, or investment value.


We would like to inform our clients that this is a 100% authentic antique object, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.