Antique American Civil War Cavalry Sword Confederate

Antique American Civil War Cavalry Sword Confederate

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SOLD A very unusual antique 19th century American civil war period sword most likely confederate cavalry.

The steel hilt has three bars in its form with a knuckle-bow with an unfinished slit for the knot. Qullion is down-curving, with a steel back-strap with ovoid ears, retaining their original wooden grip bound with remains of the original leather-bound and cord. A massive, slightly curved single edged steel blade cut with a broad full-length fuller.

The hilt of the sword was made in the style of the 1821 British light cavalry saber pattern, but without small horizontal bars on the inner side of the guard and with differently shaped back-strap pommels. Before the American civil war, swords with a British 1821 pattern hilt were made by Ames and Tiffany swords manufacturers but with the hilts made strictly based on British pattern. Some confederate swords were made during the American Civil War with various forms of hilts in the style of the 1821 pattern British light cavalry sword hilts and with several variations in the form of the blades. The blade for this sword has a form of American made US cavalry swords blades from the early 19th century (1812 War). It is possible that an older early 19th-century blade was mounted with a hilt made in the civil war. The knuckle-bow is chiseled with an unfinished slit for the knot and has hand-chiseled grooves near the slit as confirmation that this anonymous sword has not been made by a professional sword manufacturer specialized in the production of military swords in large numbers.

The sword does not have any maker markings or government inspector stamps like all other union American swords made in the USA during the American Civil War or like European made swords imported into America by the Union and the Confederate States, which were always are marking. All of this indicates that this anonymous sword was possibly made in small numbers in the USA for Confederate cavalry by one of the small Confederate state's manufactures.


CONDITION: Age and usage are showing. The wood grip has remains of its original leather bound and cord. The steel hilt is slightly pitted. The upper bar of the guard slightly bent, most likely during the combat.

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Overall length: 93 cm (36 39/64 inches)

Length of the blade: 80 cm (31 1/2 inches)

Width of the blade at the widest point: 3.2 cm (1.26 inches)

The thickness of the blade spine: 32.74 mm (1.2 895inches)Authentic antique 1812 war period, American rifleman's gun powder pistol-size priming horn, made of a hollowed-out cow horn, with domed oval wood base secured with small metal screws and pierced with two holes with its plaited suspension cord.


CONDITION: In its original unattached condition with a superb mellow old patina, showing age and usage. Leather shoulder strap and the screw at the top are a later addition.


MEASUREMENTS: The overall length along the curve is approximately: 15.5 cm (6 7⁄64 inches).