Antique 17th Century Baroque Oil painting on Canvas Mary Magdalene

Antique 17th Century Baroque Oil painting on Canvas Mary Magdalene


Authentic antique Baroque 17th Century Italian School Oil on Canvas of "Mary Magdalene". The painting depicts the penitent Mary Magdalene in her grotto with her face rendered with spiritual ecstasy and long red gold hair, in a sumptuous dress falling from Mary’s arms as she holds within her hands a skull, and a domed ointment jar which she used to anoint the feet of Jesus.

CONDITION: Minor paint loss, some crazing throughout, overall in very good condition. The painting was however put on a new stretching frame many years ago, and since the canvas is very old, for reinforcement and protection, it was placed on another layer of support canvas, the frame is a later replacement.

The photographs do not do justice to the fine quality of the painting. We have included in the listing close up pictures of the two layers of the canvas, a heavy woven and thick from the 17th century original canvas, and a 19th century support canvas which is thinner.

MEASUREMENTS: Dimensions with the frame: 134 cm x 108.5 cm (52 3/4 inches x 42 3/4 inches). Dimensions without the frame: 99.7 cm x 734 cm (49 inches x 39 1/4 inches).



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