Antique 17th- 18th Century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Dagger Jambiya in Silver

Antique 17th- 18th Century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Dagger Jambiya in Silver

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Antique,17th- 18th century, silver mounted, Turkish Ottoman, Islamic dagger, jambiya, made in imperial Ottoman manner. The faceted hilt of octagonal section sheathed entirely in silver, decorated in repousse and engraved with palmettes and floral motifs, the palmettes are forming on the ribs of the grip and cartouches ensuite to the scabbard, the top of the pommel is set with a cabochon precious stone.

The gently curving, tapering, double-edged steel blade adorned on both faces at the forte with gold damascened inscription within shaped cartouches, on one side, written in square Cufic calligraphy, and on the other side in Creative Arabic script.

In its original silver scabbard with wood insert, repousse and engraved with palmette cartouches and floral sprays, enclosed at the tip with twisted silver wire.


This dagger is made in the 17th century Turkish ottoman imperial style: The faceted hilt of octagonal section is characteristic for 17th century Turkish Ottoman jambiyas, the palmette cartouches are also characteristic 17th century ottoman design which can be found on the metalwork, and also can be seen as the pattern on ottoman silk brocade fabrics. During the 18th century, under the European influence, this ornamentation had been replaced by pseudo rococo Ottoman motifs which were the most popular pattern in 18th-19th century in Turkish ottoman art.


CONDITION: Showing the age and usage, blade pitted, silver on the middle of the outer side of the scabbard with minor defect, pommel dented. We believe that these dents can be repaired by a professional silversmith.


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Overall length with the scabbard: 40.5 cm (15.9 inches)
Overall length without the scabbard: 35.4 cm (13.9 inches)


1. In the book Die Türckische Cammer, by Holger Schuckelt. Page: 306. No 302 is published a 17th century Turkish Ottoman dagger with the inner side of the hilt made in an almost identical pattern as this dagger with faceted hilt of octagonal section decorated in repousse and engraved with palmettes and floral motifs. Please see the penultimate photo.


2. A related silver mounted Turkish Ottoman dagger, jambiya, but made in early 19th century manner, is published In the Sotheby’s Catalogue, Art of Islamic World, London, 14 April 2010. Lot .254. At a price of Euro. 6,000-9,100.

Please see the last photo.