Ancient Near Eastern Stone Cylinder Seal 3300-2900 BC

Ancient Near Eastern Stone Cylinder Seal 3300-2900 BC

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Ancient 3300-2900 B.C. Near Eastern cylinder seal made of beige color stone marble or alabaster, carved with linear pattern.


Height: 16 mm

Diameter: 13 mm


CONDITION: Showing the age and usage,chipped

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REFERENCES: Another stone cylinder seal with similar pattern is in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Ancient Bronzes, Ceramics, and Seals: The Nasli M. Heeramaneck Collection of Ancient Near Eastern, Central Asiatic, and European Art.

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Cylinder Seals: a recessed inscription was carved onto the cylinder, which produced a raised impression when rolled on a clay tablet or envelope, these types of cylinder seals were frequently used to protect vessels, clay envelopes and storeroom door latches from tampering, the also served as a guarantee of authenticity, marked ownership, and indicated participation in a legal transaction. Ancient Cylinder seals were usually made of stone, bone, bronze, faience and glass.