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Ancient 1500 -1100 B.C. Greek Mycenaean Bronze Arrowhead

Ancient 1500 -1100 B.C. Greek Mycenaean Bronze Arrowhead

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This is an Achaean archer's arrowhead that was crafted in bronze using the V-shaped tanged technique. It belongs to the type VIII b category and dates back to the Bronze Age, which lasted from 1500 B.C. until the final phases of the Mycenaean period in 1100 B.C. Ancient Greek archers commonly used this type of arrowhead during the Trojan War.


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MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 8 cm (3.15 inches)


CONDITION: with signs of age and use, one of the barbs is broken. The surface is covered by its natural green-brown patina and earth encrustation.


PROVENANCE: Ex-private old Canadian collection of antiques and antiquities formed in the 1980s.