Original  African Kurumba Headdress

Original African Kurumba Headdress

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Original 19th–20th century African Kurumba headdress adoné design in the graceful form of an antelope head with long neck and slender horns, decorated with horizontal stripes, rising from the top of the head, and echoed by the long forward-curved ears. The neck and the snout decorated with carved extensive geometric patterns, polychrome with ocher brown, black, beige and kaolin pigments resting on the helmet shaped cap of hemispherical form, adorned with shells and bordered with incises and polychrome zigzag pattern encircled with a series of drilled holes.


The adoné headdresses are primarily attributed to the northernmost Kurumba region of Burkina Faso. They were worn on the top of the head as crests during the performance of ceremonial dances. The antelope is the protective totem of most Kurumba clans.

CONDITION: Worn-out with loss of polychrome, showing the age patina. Both ears have age cracks. Rim of the helmet showing woodworm damage with the natural light color the wood is completely dry. The surface of the headdress also showing worm holes through the wood and polychrome paint which is a clear evidence of age and authenticity. This is an authentic antique African art and not a reproduction made from old wood and then painted.


HEIGHT: 83.5 cm (32 7/8 in)


The quality of this Kurumba matches the adoné headdress in Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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