Antique Pre-Columbian Tairona Necklace circa 500 - 1500 AD

Antique Pre-Columbian Tairona Necklace circa 500 - 1500 AD

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Rare antique, circa 500 - 1500 AD. Pre-Columbian Tairona Culture necklace comprised of a finely hand carved of a flattened bone, figure-pendant, depicts a standing figure of a Priest with crossed arms wearing a tall elaborate ceremonial feather headdress, armlets on his uppers arms and bracelets on the wrists and a belt across the waist , mounted on a necklace made of various sizes round disk shell beads and 14 bulbous Carnelians beads.


This type of the necklace was worn by high rank Tairona aristocrats, proclaimed considerable wealth and status of the owner.


Naturally, it has been restrung on modern metal wire with metal clasp.



Approximate length in a single straight line: 50 cm (19 .69 inches)

Height of the pendant: 4.6 cm (1.81 inches)


WEIGHT:36 grams

CONDITION: In good condition, shows signs of age and usage with lovely cream and pale brown patina.