Antique 18th c Islamic Turkish Ottoman Miniatures Dervish Haji Bektash Veli

Antique 18th c Islamic Turkish Ottoman Miniatures Dervish Haji Bektash Veli

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Antique, 18th century, Islamic Turkish Ottoman, or Persian, diptych miniatures finally hand painted on the camel bone. Miniature on the right is depicting a famous Sufi Dervish Haji Bektash Veli, with wild animals, hand painted within an arched niche. Miniature on the left depicting a young man on horseback with a dog, most likely a Turkish Sultan of Rum, hand painted within an arched niche.

Miniatures are mounted on the wood panel, flanked on the sides by engraved camel bone straps, and adorned on the top with a camel bone panel decorated with veneered fretwork on the velvet background.

Haji Bektash Veli came to be considered the patron saint (pir) of the famed Janissary Corps.

The photographs do not show the fine quality of the miniatures, figures of the dervish, the sultan and animals are painted naturalistically with correct proportions and extremely fine details, also, the surrounding plants are painted with great detail.

CONDITION: In its original condition as had been found, showing the age and heavy usage, The wood panel bent, from the age, to convex shape, the velvet backhand on the top panel which originally was green faded in to brown. Velvet on the bottom with brown discoloration left by the fretwork pattern of the missing panel, paintings with losses of paint, bone top panel damaged, lack of bottom panel. Green velvet on the back of the wood panel faded. The brass suspension loop is a 19th century addition.

DIMENSIONS: Size of the frame:

Height: 19.7 cm (7 3/4 in).

Width: 22.3 cm (8 3/4 in).



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