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Antique 18th century Flintlock Pistol Gun

Antique 18th century Flintlock Pistol Gun

SKU: E391

Antique 18th century Eastern European flintlock holster pistol with a two-stage steel barrel engraved in the French taste and retained by a brass muzzle band. A steel lock beautifully hand chiseled with foliage. A walnut full stock carved with foliage and mounted with engraved brass furniture.

CONDITION: The pistol is in overall fine all original condition except for the broken end of the ramrod. All the parts of the pistol are original to the pistol. The stock is in very good condition with some minor handling marks and light dings. The lock needs adjustment, as the trigger does not release the hammer every time.

The bore is in very good condition.

The pistol does not show any repairs or replacement parts etc.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 48 cm (18 7/8 in).