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Antique Napoleonic Light Cavalry Napoleon Officer’s Sword Sabre

Antique Napoleonic Light Cavalry Napoleon Officer’s Sword Sabre

SKU: E878
Antique early 19th century French Napoleonic, light cavalry officer's sword-saber, patterned on the base of the French light cavalry saber regulation Model AN XI.
Details: Three – bar brass hilt with elliptical langets and downcurving qullion, plain brass back-strap with the smoothed round pommel, retaining its original wooden grip.
A slightly curved single edged blade cut with a broad, full-length fuller and engraved with characteristic for Napoleonic swords, martial trophies and foliage. With its original steel scabbard affix with two bands with a loop for suspension, the second lop is missing.

CONDITION: Showing its age and usage, the steel scabbard with a dark brown rusty patina. The lower suspension loop broke off from the band, the two side bars of the guard slightly bent most likely during the combat, wooden grip with vertical crack, absence of leather bonding. Steel blade slightly pitted, with abrasion, particularly in the lower part, minor combat notches on the edge of the blade.
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Overall length with the scabbard: 98.5cm (38.78 inches)
Length of the sword without the scabbard: 94 cm (37.01inches)
Length of the blade: 82 cm (32.28 inches)

Similar French Napoleonic sword from the collection of the Museum of the Polish Army (Polish: Muzeum Wojska Pulskiego) formerly in private armory of the Counts Krasinski family palace in Warsaw is illustrated in the book; "Dzieje Szabli w Polsce" (Swords in Poland) by Wlodzimierz Kwasniewicz, page 56-57.

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