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Antique Islamic Arabian Wahabite Dagger Arab Jambiya Dharia

Antique Islamic Arabian Wahabite Dagger Arab Jambiya Dharia

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Antique late 19th early 20th century large Islamic Arabian Wahabite dagger Jambiya, Dharia from the Western regions of Arabia (modern-day Saudi Arabia), Hijaz, and Asir and down far as Yemen.

Details: A wood hilt, bounded by German silver straps, decorated throughout with incised ornament and adorned with five large domed bosses.
Long double-edged, slightly curved hand-forged steel blade cut on each face with two shallow full-length fullers, with a middle ridge partly engraved with curvilinear designs. Hand-forged steel blade displayed in several places a fine lamination pattern.
The upper section of the wooden scabbard is covered on the front with embossed German silver and iron sheet at the rear.
The lower section of the scabbard is entirely enveloped in sheet brass adorned with a geometric engraving on the scabbard's front side. Remain of the old leather belt is attached to the scabbard by twisted brass wire.

Islamic Weapons: "Maghrib to Moghul "by Anthony C. Tirri

The buyer will be provided with a copy of the pages from the mentioned references, together with the certificate of authenticity.

This type of Jambiya is known amongst collectors as the Wahabite Arab Jambiya; the term is incorrect; the right name of this type of dagger is DHARIA. The word Dharia appears to come from the Arabic Dhura'eyah, which translates as Arm Long Dagger—derived from dhera'a or arm length. These daggers are also called Sabiki, Sabak, Sabik.

CONDITION: In good condition and shape considering its age, with signs of age and usage, with a little wear and good patina

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length with the scabbard: 54.5 cm (21.46 inches).