Antique Indonesian Malaysian Malaya 18th century Bugis Sword Dagger Kris Keris

Antique Indonesian Malaysian Malaya 18th century Bugis Sword Dagger Kris Keris

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Fine antique short sword or dagger from the Indonesian, Malaysian-Malay Islamic Bugis tribe, Kris - Keris from the 18th century.

Finely hand-carved handle (Hulu or Ukiran) in the form of Jawa Demam, half-bird, half-human, possibly the deity " Garuda" from pre–Islamic Period.

The spine of the hilt is set with a green cabochon natural stone, a Mendak (cuff) set with faceted natural stones, possible with quartz or diamonds.

The excellent quality, sturdy, hand-forged serpentine-shaped blade made of Damascus steel with 9 luks (waves) displays various layers of Pamor of wood grains pattern.

The blade's base is beautifully sculpted with high ridges and deep grooves with kembang kacang, in the form of a stylized elephant trunk.

The wooden scabbard is encased with a brass Pendok, finely repousse, and engraved with a floral pattern. The warangka in the form of a European sailing vessel is made of Gembol jati, a wood with naturally occurring contrasting grains. Fully encased with brass sheath Pendok, the outer side of the Pendok is finely repousse and engraved with scrolling foliage.


CONDITION: Showing the age and usage. The hilt has a superb old patina with age cracks. One of Warangka's corners is chipped, otherwise in good condition.

Please notice that the pictures in the listing are part of the description of the object's condition.



Overall length with the scabbard: 45 cm (17.72 inches)

Overall length without the scabbard: 39 cm (15.35 inches)



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