SOLD Antique Indonesian-Java Islamic Sword Dagger Madura Donoriko Kris Keris

SOLD Antique Indonesian-Java Islamic Sword Dagger Madura Donoriko Kris Keris

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A fine antique Indonesian-Java Islamic short sword — dagger Madura Donoriko, Kris — Keris. The very sturdy blade Lurus (straight), “Dapur Tilam Upih” is finely hand forged with a beautiful “Pamor Ngulit Semangka” (dated to 15th–18th Century A. D). Mounted in the 18th-19th century fittings including hilt, in Donoriko style, pierced and finely carved in relief with oval shield flanked by pair of horse within intricate floral and fern-like scrolling motives.

The warangka in Surakarta Banyumasan style is made of dark brown gembol jati (teak) wood with naturally occurring contrasting grains. Fully encased with Silver sheath Pendok, the outer side of the Pendok is finely repousse and engraved with scrolling foliage inspired by European rococo pattern, apparent colonial references.


Since high-quality, Keris blades made of Pamor were very valuable and would not go out of fashion or style, were part of the pustaka or heirlooms of the aristocracy to be passed from generation to generation. They were considered to have magic and to imbue magic and power on their owners. So, the fine old blades, dating back as far as the fifteenth century were still used during the 19th century but remounted with a new 19th century mountings.

It was also practiced in Japan when the expensive old sword blades were remounted to a new mounting and were still used in 19th and 20th century.

Madura is primarily an Islamic island on the east coast of Java and near to Bali, all of which are parts of the Indonesian archipelago.


CONDITION: Showing the age and usage. The mandok ring is a later replacement because