Antique American Oil Painting By Illinois Artist Lillian Hulsmann Dated 1913

Antique American Oil Painting By Illinois Artist Lillian Hulsmann Dated 1913


Antique American oil painting on canvas by listed, well-known American Illinois artist Lillian Bertha Hulsmann (1885 – 1966). 

The painting depicts a scenic summer countryside landscape with a farm and house in the foreground and country houses in the background. 

In its authentic period time, ornate frame with the label affixed to the backing paper "Carson Pirie Scott & Co. Artistic Picture Framing." 

The artist signs it in the lower right corner "L. Hulsmann 1913."


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Lillian Bertha Hulsmann, 1885 - 1966 a daughter of Henry and Albertina Glende Hulsmann. She married Otto Miller around 1910 in Chicago. Her occupation in the 1910 Chicago census was "self-employed artist, landscape." 

There is a great similarity between her work and the work of her father, Henry Hulsmann, a prolific Chicago artist, so it seems likely that she was his student. Differentiating Lillian's work from that of her father is difficult, especially when she signed with her maiden name.


This remarkable artwork is extremely well painted with fine details, so it looks almost like a photograph, most likely one of Lilliana Hulsmann's best works.


CONDITION: Generally in good condition, except for a minor vertical hole in the canvas. The painting is in its original condition as it was acquired, free of repaint, repairs, or restorations. 

The old frame is with some chipping, as is often the case with old frames, usually around the corners.


MEASUREMENTS: Dimensions with the frame: 69 cm x 48.5 cm (27 inches x 19 inches).

Dimensions of the painting: 51 cm x 30.5 cm (20 inches x 12 inches).