Ancient Cypriot Bichrome Ceramic Wine Jug CYPRUS 750-600 B.C.

SKU: G120

Authentic ancient Cypriot Bichrome ceramic Wine Jug, Cypro-Archaic I, CYPRUS: 750-600 B.C. Has a spherical body with ring base, flaring neck with pinched spout, surmounted by an arching double-row handle, a white slip coated surface. Decorated with black concentric circles around the shoulder, and painted in black and brown, multiple encircling bands below.


CONDITION: Handle broken and glued in several places, part of the handle is missing, otherwise intact and in fine condition, as visible in the photographs. Showing its age and usage, with age patina and calcified mineral deposits, strongly visible on the surface of the body,


MEASUREMENTS: Height: 20.3 cm (8in.). Width: Including the handle: 14.6 cm (5 3/4 in).



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