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SOLD Rare Antique 19th Century Islamic Dagger Bichaq Bukhara


SOLD A very rare example of antique 19th century Islamic dagger, Bichaq, from the famous Central Asian Islamic Emirate of Bukhara, previously Turkistan, present - day Uzbekistan.

DETAILS: Slightly curved, single - edge, sturdy steel blade cut with full length narrow fuller below the spine.

A slender hilt formed of two pieces of dark brown horn, retained by three rivets, complete with white metal ferrule and pommel.

Bukhara weapons are extremely rare compared to Turkish, Indian, Persian, or Caucasian weapons. This region was not heavily populated and warriors were a very small percentage of the population. The Bukhara arms are hardly ever seen in museums, including museums in Russia.

REFERENCES: A similar dagger is in the famous Henri Moser collection of Islamic arms and armour in Charllotenfels, Switzerland, and had been collected during his travel, in the 19th century, through central Asia.

1 "Oriental Collection Henri Moser, Charlotte Rock, in the Bernese Historical Museum."

2. “Islamic Arms and Armour” by Torben W.Flindt, edited by Robert Elgood - Ahapter, chapter "Some nineteenth-century arms from Bukhara" Page: 23 Fig. 24

The buyer will be provided with a copy of the pages from the mentioned references, together with a certificate of authenticity.

CONDITION: Showing the age, visible marks of sharpening on the cutting edge of the blade, the horn hilt and the white metal mountings worn.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 30.5cm (12 in.).

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