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SOLD Antique Porcelain Figurine Of Turkish Ottoman Jewelry Merchant


SOLD Superbly, fine carved Antique, 19th century, European, Porcelain figurine depicting a Turkish ottoman Jewelry Merchant, standing with slipper like shoes on the octagonal base with a basket at the back of his feet. He is dressed in Turkish Ottoman garb with flowing robe, with elaborated green patterned sash tied around his waist and a dagger, with crescent pommel, tacked into the sash, holding in his left hand jewelry, and in his right hand carrying a chest full of finely made jewelry.

Signed at the base with cobalt blue painted letter, possibly a J- and the incised manufacture catalog number.

CONDITION: Absence of two fingers on the right hand. No repairs or restoration.

MEASUREMENTS: Height, approximately: 22.5 cm (8.86 inches).

Such figurines in Turkish Ottoman dress were made in the 19th century by European porcelain manufactures for Turkish market.

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