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SOLD Antique Islamic Indo Persian Armour Mughal India 17th c


SOLD A DECCANI CHAIN-MAIL COAT, INDIA, 17TH CENTURY of riveted mail covering the lower neck, arms, torso and upper legs, enclosing at the front with two large plates each fitted with three elaborate buckles, two smaller plates on the sides forming a curve, the rear with three vertical registers of overlapping plaques with bracket-form indents on the central register, two smaller panels on the sides, devanagari inscriptions to the inside of the right breast plate.

These types of chainmail coats were made in Bijapur as part of a collection which entered the armoury at Bikaner, the capital of the Adilshahi dynasty, defeated by the Maharajah Anup Singh at Adoni in 1689. The craftmanship and detail suggest that this chainmail was orignally worn by a high-ranking individual.

REFERENSES: According to David Alexander, one of the leading experts on Islamic arms and armour where he describes a similar armour in the Nasser D.K Khalili Collection in the book "The Arts of War" 1992, p.160, no.100). Formally these armours are of the same types as thouse used by Mamluks, Ottomans and Aqquyunlu. Another example from the same war booty was exhibited in Paris ACTE -EXPO 1988 Published in “Splendeur des armes orientales”Page 85,No 141 . A comparable chainmail shirt dating from the same conflict was in The Sotheby’s “Arts of the Islamic World” Sotheby’s London 9 April 2008, lot 257. Sold at the price £ 10,625

The 17th century Indo Persian helmet Kulah Khud which is on the picture is not included with the armour.

CONDITION: in very good condition

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