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SOLD Antique Islamic Arab Omani sword Kattara from Oman


Antique 18th-19th century Islamic Arab sword Kattara from Oman. Details: An extremely long double-edged broad blade cut with short fuller on each side, the ricasso incised with a maker’s mark. A leather-covered hilt of characteristic tapering form with silver cap pommel decorated in repousee with foliage .The Kattara sword was very popular during the 18th century, amongst the Arab tribes of the Persian Gulf. The Kattara derives from early Islamic Medieval swords, and has not changed its distinguishing shape over centuries.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 104.7 cm (41 1/4 in), length of the blade: 82.8 cm (32 5/8 in).

CONDITION: Of exceptional condition for the age, and an excellent example of these distinctive swords.

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