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SOLD Antique Hungarian Presentation Sword, Sabre from the Hungarian Revolution 1848


SOLD Antique 19th century Austro Hungarian presentation sword, model 1837, from the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

DETAILS: A single edged, curved steel blade with a full-length fuller and clip point, engraved on one side “Erinnerung an 13.14.15 März ü: 15.26.May 1848”

(Memory of the 13.14.15 March and 15.26.May 1848), flanked by martial trophies, banners, cannons, helmet, swords, axe and foliage.

The other side engraved with “Für Freiheit und Recht” (For Freedom and Justice), flanked by martial trophies, banners, cannons, helmet, swords, axe and foliage, also the back (spine) of the blade is engraved with scrolls. A steel stirrup hilt with a down-turned quilon, a pair of langets with a leather covered wooden grip.

The blade is engraved in German since the German language during this period of time was the Lingua franca of the Hapsburg Empire, many Hungarians, Transylvanians, Slovaks, Croatians and Czech aristocrats, nobility and townspeople spoke only German.

REFERENCES: (1) "Kardok" by Jozsef Lugosi & Ferenc Temesvari. ( 2) "Cut and Thrust Weapons" by Eduard Wagner.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 96.5 cm (38 in), length of the blade: 82.5 cm (32 1/2 in).

CONDITION: The sword is in good condition considering its age of over 150 years old. Since the steel blade has its original polish and shine, which reflects to the camera, I was not able to take good quality pictures showing its beautiful fine engravings.

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