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SOLD Antique Balinese Indonesian sword Keris Kris Gold Gild Bataru Bayu Hilt


SOLD Authentic Antique, 18th - 19th century, large Balinese Indonesian sword, keris – kris, of superb quality with an extremely well made serpentine -shaped blade excellently wrought from pamor iron, displays various layers of metal. The hilt depicts the god 'Bataru Bayu'. He is the god of wealth and well-being (a variation of the Indian wind-god Vayu). The hilt figure is made of brass which has been finely chased, engraved and gold gilt. The clothing of the wealth-god, his sceptre, diadem, ear, hair- and arm-jewellery, set on his back with cabochon beads, as is the Selut and Mendak.

The sheath: the "ship" ("Wrangka") is made of wood with gold gilt brass pendok decorated with repousse and pierced foliate design.

CONDITION: in good condition considering its age. The wooden wrongka is broken and chipped, absence of one cabochon bead on the Mendak.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length of the sword sheathed in the scabbard: 64.7 cm (25 1/2 in), the Overall length without the scabbard: 50.8 cm (20 in).

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