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SOLD Antique 18th century Turkish Ottoman or Turcoman Islamic Carnelians belt for sword


SOLD Antique 18th -19th century Turkish Ottoman or Turcoman Islamic Warrior belt made of stiff broad double sown together layers of hide, beautifully enriched at the front with three rows of large oval Genuine Carnelians (Precious Stones) in raised beaded gild silver settings, mounted on a brass panel. The back ornamented with pierced brass plaques attached with large round-headed brass rivets. At the right side a pendant openwork brass disc set with another carnelian; at the left side the clasp in the form of another openwork brass disc with carnelian. There are three square loops for adjustment. The Belt has a total of 39 carnelians.

REFERENCES: A belt similar to this (described as the Turkmen mounted on Chain Mail armor) is published in the book "Persian and Indo-Persian Arms and Armor of 16th-19th Century from Polish Collection -Catalogue exhibition Malborg Castle Museum" by Antoni Romuald Chodinski.

The buyer will be provided with a copy of the pages from the mentioned references, together with the certificate of authenticity.

CONDITION: Shows signs of usage and wear, some brass and pewter rivets are missing, leather very dried and cracked, but holds very well. Please note that this antique is made of over 200 year old leather, which was well used, so a perfect condition cannot be expected.

DIMENSIONS: Approximately. Overall length with buckle: 132 cm (52 in).Width at the front: 10cm (3 7/8 in)
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