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SOLD Antique 18th century large Persian Islamic Dagger Khanjar Jambiya


SOLD Superb Antique 18th century Zand dynasty period (1750–1794), Museum Quality, large Indo-Persian Islamic dagger Khanjar – Jambiya.
DETAILS: A double-edged curved blade with medial ridge and keened point. The surface of the blade showing slightly visible extremely fine Damascus steel wootz. The forte is chiseled in low relief on each side with foliage, adorned on the center with elaborate medallions decorated with gold inlaid koftgari. A waisted steel hilt of typical form chiseled with foliage and lobed cartouches enclosing perching birds. The solid steel scabbard is decorated en suite with the hilt, with chiseled foliage and birds.

Most of these types of daggers that are seen on the market are 19th century Qajar Dynasty ceremonial daggers with lower quality acid etched decoration instead of hand chiseled art work , also the blades are lower quality and not as sturdy and solid as the 17th and 18th century blades.
REFERENSES: (1) Islamic Metalwork in The Freer Gallery of Art. (2) Edged weapons in the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography. (3) Orientalishe Sammlung Henri Moser-Charlottenfels.

MEASUREMENTS: The overall length in the scabbard is: 51.5 cm (20 1/4 in). Overall length without the scabbard: 48.6 cm (19 1/8 in), length of the blade: 35cm (13 3/4 in).

CONDITION: Steel scabbard and the hilt pitted on the entire surface .The pommel plate split on the edge.

Due to the fact that the market is flooded by reproductions of Indo Persian Arms and Armour, which for inexperienced collectors look the same, we would like to inform our clients that this is a 100% authentic antique object, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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