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SOLD Antique 17th century Islamic Indian Mughal Damascus Steel Sword Talwar Khanda


SOLD A rare antique, 16th - 17th century, Islamic, Indian - Mughal, combat sword with a long, single – edged, curved blade with a full-length central fuller; hand forged from Indian watered Damascus steel, known as welding pattern.

The riccaso deeply stamped on outer face of the blade with the makers marks.

A massive steel basket hilt of Khanda form, including a pair of long langets, with a pair of short quillons, and a shaped guard extending to form the knuckle, with an oval pommel with a slender shaped spike finial, chiseled and overlaid with silver.


A sword with very similar hilt and curved Zulfiqar blade, dated to the 16th - 17th century, from the renowned collection of Dr. Leo S. Figiel, is published in Butterfield & Butterfield catalog “The Dr. Leo S. Figiel Collection of Mogul Arms” August 2 4, 1998, lot 2051. Sold for $ 2875 (16 years ago).

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 100.3 cm (31 1/4 in), length of the blade: 79.5 cm (37 3/8 in).

CONDITION: Silver overlaid on the steel hilt worn-out, which can be expected from an over 300 year old sword.

The Indian Basket hilt is usually found on Khanda swords with straight blades, but in some examples it can be found on curved blades such as this. A long pommel spike gives the sword the ability to be used with both hands.
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