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SOLD Antique 17th-18th Century Turkish Ottoman Islamic War Hammer Kulunk


SOLD Rare Antique 17th-18th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic war hammer kulunk, of typical Ottoman form with sturdy steel head and rounded hammer, and down-curved faced beak-shaped front -spike, with integral central block and richly decorated with silver inlaid koftgari with classical ottoman scrolls, the upper facet with inlaid silver Arabic calligraphy mounted on its original tapering wooden haft finely lacquered with hand painted with traditional ottoman floral pattern.


Overall length: 49.7 cm (19 9⁄16 inches)
Length of the head: 17.2 cm (6 49⁄64 inches)

CONDITION: In its original condition as it was found, with no repairs or restorations. Showing its age and usage.

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