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SOLD Antique 16th - 18th century Chinese -Tibetan Gold Gilt Dagger or Quiver Belt


SOLD Rare Antique, 16th - 18th century, Sino -Tibetan Quiver or Dagger belt composed of four sections made of masterfully braided leather straps connected by iron fittings, overlaid by gilt silver foil, and adorned by six gilt iron bosses raised on ribbed base, and finely pierced and chiseled with entwined scroll-work, and set with turquoises and malachite stones. Two small iron fittings with the rings for suspension of a quiver or dagger, overlaid by silver foil and adorned by raised gilt iron rosettes set with malachite stones. There are also three, shaped and chiseled, overlaid by gilt silver iron plaques, with the holes on the center; most likely to be connected by the belt hook buckle, the ends of the leather belt scions locked by brass straps.

REFERENCES: A similar gilt iron boss, raised on ribbed base, is on the 15th - 17th century Tibetan Horse bridle, in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, published in the book Warriors of the Himalayas: Rediscovering the Arms and Armor of Tibet, page 250 - No.135.(The lower central boss).

Please view the link below:

To see bosses of similar workmanship raised on ribbed base mounted on the 17th - 18th century Sino -Tibetan belt, please view the link below:

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 112 cm (44 inches).

CONDITION: Signs of usage and wear, one end of the belt incomplete.

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