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AntiqueSOLD Chinese 19th century Qing Dynasty Carved Jade - Jadeite Statue Lady Figurine


SOLD Authentic Antique, 19th century Chinese Qing Dynasty, very well hand carved from a 100% natural, untreated and undyed, jadeite sculpture, depicting a standing figure of a maiden, (possibly GUANYIN). She is standing on a rocky pedestal, next to a large peony flower, wearing a long robe tied with a sash, with her hair dressed in an elaborate topknot and looped trailing tresses. The stone is in variations of colors, from pale lavender to celadon green, and splashed brown.

Please note that the pictures of the carving were taken in daylight, however, on some pictures the colors are brighter then on others since the color of the stone changes, depending on which angle the camera is on when taking the picture.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 14 cm (5 1/2 inch). Width at the widest point: 9.5 cm (3 3/4 in).

CONDITION: A minor chip on the back of the ponytail. (please see attached picture), otherwise in good condition. With its natural inclusions there are no cracks of any kind, the lines on the bottom are not cracks but carved lines.

Total jadeite weight is 282 grams.
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