Antique 18th century Austrian Silver mounted, Hunting Sword ,Hanger

Antique 18th century Austrian Silver mounted, Hunting Sword ,Hanger

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Antique, second half of the 18th century, Austrian silver mounted hunting sword with a straight broad tapering blade, double – edged towards the tip, cut on each side with a shallow fuller and a slender fuller, along the back-edge ,engraved and gild with foliage,trophies and a stag on a blued panel (worn) at the forte. The silver hilt comprises a crossguard cast in solid silver with a pair of straight faceted quillons and an oval silver collar. The ebony grip is retaind by three rivets with domed silver caps and enclosed by silver straps, fitted with a shaped silver ferrule at the base. The oval silver collar and ferrule are stamped with the maker’s marks and the number 13.

CONDITION: In good condition considering its age. The leather scabbard is a later addition.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length without the scabbard: 75 cm (29.5 in), length of the blade: 60.3 cm (23 3/4 in).



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