Antique Medieval Islamic Mamluk Ceramic Bowl Syria Egypt 14th -15th Century

Antique Medieval Islamic Mamluk Ceramic Bowl Syria Egypt 14th -15th Century

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Very rare authentic antique medieval Islamic, ceramic bowl, Syria or Egypt: 14th-15th century, Mamluk period.

Tall bowl of deep form resting on disc-shaped short foot, decorated in Chinese style designee painted underglaze in black and blue, the interior adorned with a central medallion featuring a scrolling lotus flower, the walls with a band of lotus petal lappets enclosing cloud-like rings. The exterior painted with interlaced scrolling vegetation motifs.

These types of Mamluk ceramic bowls were inspired by the Yuan and the Ming dynasty Chinese ceramics. The combination of the black and blue painted design is characteristic for the Mamluke ceramic based on a Chinese prototype pattern.

REFERENCES: Ceramics from Islamic Lands. (In association with The Al-Sabah Collection Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, Kuwait National Museum), by Oliver Watson.

CONDITION: In repaired condition, commensurate with age. All parts professionally glued together to a good standard with all original parts, small area filled with plaster, free of replacement parts. Surface with attractive original aged patina and discoloration, with a darker brownish aura caused by the earthen minerals.

The colors of the bowl, in fact, are duller, we had to use very strong light to show the actual condition, and cracks in the bowl.

All the medieval Islamic ceramic, including those in the most famous museums, are broken and restored; some of them have as many as 60 % missing parts, and have been restored. This particular artifact has all original parts.

MEASUREMENTS: Diameter: 12.5 cm (4.92 inches.) Height: 5 cm (2 inches).