Antique German Neo-Gothic Stained Glass - Leaded Glass Oswald Von Wolkenstein

Antique German Neo-Gothic Stained Glass - Leaded Glass Oswald Von Wolkenstein

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Antique second half of 19th century German Neo-Gothic stained glass - leaded glass hand painted portrait of Oswald von Wolkenstein.

DIMENSIONS: 36 cm x 22 cm (14.17 inches x 8.66 inches)



The upper right arched corner of the glass has been slightly damaged during the photo session. To view it please see the last picture in the listing



Oswald von Wolkenstein (1376 or 1377, presumably in Castle Schöneck in Kiens – August 2, 1445 in Merano) was a poet, composer and diplomat. In the latter capacity, he traveled through much of Europe, even as far as Georgia (as recounted in "Durch Barbarei, Arabia").

He was dubbed a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre and was also inducted into the Order of the Jar and the Order of the Dragon. He lived for a time in Seis am Schlern.

When he was ten years old, Oswald left his family and became squire of a knight errant. Oswald described the journeys undertaken by him in the following 14 years in his autobiographical song "Es fügt sich...", mentioning travels to Crete, Prussia, Lithuania, Crimea, Turkey, the Holy Land, France, Lombardy and Spain, as well as being shipwrecked in the Black Sea.

He is one of the most important composers of the early German Renaissance, and his melodies are of high quality. There are three main topics of his work: travel, God and sex.

Oswald's poems are preserved in three manuscripts

Oswald's poems are preserved in three manuscripts:

MS A (Vienna), 42 songs completed 1425, addition of another 66 poems 1427-1436.

MS B (Innsbruck): 1432

MS C (Innsbruck-Trostburg): 1450, copy of B.



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