Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Bronze Polearm Halberd a jǐ (戟)

Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Bronze Polearm Halberd a jǐ (戟)

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Antique, Chinese Qing dynasty period (1644 -1912) large bronze processional elaborate polearm halberd head called a jǐ (戟) constructed of several separate bronze elements joined together.

A large, handmade, central leaf shape blade chiseled with a floral design and flanked by two crescentic blades is inserted and secured with solder in an elaborate socket.
The socket comprises two elements: a turned-on lathe baluster shape socket and the cast and hand-chiseled finial in the shape of a horned Qiulong dragon, connected and secured with solder.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 69 cm. (27.17 inches)
WEIGHT: 1.724 kg (3.8 pounds)

CONDITION: In good condition considering its age to be over 100 years, showing its age and usage.

During the Qing dynasty, people who held a high office were often accompanied by an entourage, carrying a diversity of traditional Chinese arms as emblems of their rank and power. It is a tradition that goes back a long time, and originally these men were probably actual guards.
When firearms had taken a more prominent role in warfare in the late Qing dynasty, these arms were often purely ceremonial pieces. They could be made of painted wood, pewter, brass, or bronze.