Antique African Ancestral Bronze Mask

Antique African Ancestral Bronze Mask

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Authentic antique late 19th – early 20th century African ancestral bronze mask with pierced eyes and mouth, decorated with incised pattern and pierced with a hole on each side and another hole on the forehead for suspension. The interior hand painted near the edge with the museum or collection accession number.


CONDITION: In very good condition, considering its age, with beautiful natural patina inside and out, showing the age and usage. In fact the patina is much darker than is shown in the pictures, due to lighting conditions.


DIMENSIONS: Approximately 20.2 x 11.8 cm (7.95 x 4.65 inches).


We are not able to find in any references, including internet sources, of a similar African bronze antelope mask, which make this particular mask a rare example of an African bronze mask compared to the other African masks.


PROVENANCE: Acquired in a Toronto Canada estate sale. The previous owner had inherited the mask from his father without any knowledge about its origin.