Antique 18th century Silver-Mounted Turkish Ottoman Or Polish Sword Karabela

Antique 18th century Silver-Mounted Turkish Ottoman Or Polish Sword Karabela

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Rare antique, superb quality 18th century, silver-mounted Turkish Ottoman or Polish sword, Karabela, with a hilt of characteristic Karabela form hilt comprised of a one-piece carved ebony wood grip, secured to the tang of the blade by three rivets with gilt silver finely carved domed rosettes heads. A gold gilt solid silver chubby cross-guard with langets, superbly chiseled and engraved with foliage pattern and mounted with an exceptionally well hand-forged, curved sturdy steel blade, cut on each face with a deep fuller.


The swords with Karabela form hilt were manufactured during the 17th -18th century in the Turkish Ottoman Empire and Poland.


Some Karabela swords used in 17th-18th century Poland were imported from the Ottoman Empire or obtained as war booty by Polish soldiers in the war with Ottomans. Some were manufactured in Poland by the Polish Armenian craftsmen in the city Lwow, so sometimes it is impossible to tell, even by experts, where in fact, the karabela was made; in Poland, or Ottoman Empire where Ottoman Armenian craftsmen made many karabela swords.


Since there are no silver hallmarks, we cannot make sure this sword is a Turkish Ottoman or a Polish Karabela sword.


CONDITION: Showing age and usage. Some age cracks in the wood ebony hilt (as common in these types), gold gilding is slightly worn. However, the sword is in good condition considering its age to be over 200 years old.



Overall length: 90.2 cm (35.5 inches)

Length of the blade: 77 cm (30.31 inches).

Width of the blade at the widest point: 3.6 cm (1.42 inches).

The thickness of the blade spine: 5 mm.


PROVENANCE: This sword and other antique Polish arms and armor that I recently listed come from an old Canadian collection