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SOLD Very Rare Antique Chinese Republic Army Officer Sword 1912-1928


SOLD Very Rare,antique, early 20th century, Chinese High Rank Chinese Republic Army Officer military sword, possibly a general sword from the early years of the Chinese republic, circa 1912-1928.

The sword is made in the style of the Japanese Meiji Period Officer's Kyu-gunto Katana sword, with a large solid brass “D” shaped guard, decorated in inner side with two crossed National Flags of the Republic of China, a Five bar - coloured flag (五色旗 (signifying the Five Races Under One Union) and the Iron Blood 18-Star Flag which was a military flag of the Chinese Republic Army, during the Wuchang Uprising period which lasted from 1912-1928.

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The brass back-strap with an integral helmet formed pommel stamped on the top with 98, is engraved with Iron Blood 18-Star of Wuchang Uprising, flanked by 4 five pointed stars, (possibly the rank of the Superior General First Class of the Chinese Army Yījíshangjiàng 一級上將 but we are not assured), amidst the floral garlands also adorned with 4 five pointed stars.

For the ranks of Chinese army please see the link below.

The wooden grip is covered in Ray skin and wrapped in twisted and straight brass wire, brass ring with the button to release the locking mechanism that holds the scabbard to the hilt, stamped with 98. The slightly curved, long and sturdy, steel blade in the form of Japanese Katana blade (possibly an original Japanese blade) is chrome or nickel plated, but still sharp.

The steel scabbard, with wood insert, original to the sword, with single suspension ring is stamped on the mouth, and the shoe with 178.

Most of the Chinese republic dress swords are with a crudely made brass hilt and poor quality tiny blades.

This particular sword which we are offering for sale is with a superb quality hilt and strong katana type blade which is fairly scarce and unique. We were not able to find another sword of comparable quality in any of the references, including the internet sources. Possibly this is the only example of this rare sword known to exist, and this may be the only chance in life to acquire such an authentic, unique example, of Chinese sword.

CONDITION: In good condition considering its age, Showing the wear and the usage. The nickel or chrome plating on the steel blade slightly worn with some light surface staining, the tip with a small nick. The brass hilt with remains of the silver color plating. So it is possible that the brass hilt was plated, or just highlighted by silver, nickel, or chrome plating. The steel scabbard with surface rust, and one minor dent on the spine. The Blade and the scabbard can be easily cleaned, but we left the sword in untouched condition, as it was found.

MEASUREMENTS (approximately):

The overall length in the scabbard is: 96.5 cm (37.99 inches).

The overall length of the sword without the scabbard: 89 cm (35.04 inches).

The overall length of the blade 73 cm (28.74 inches).

The width of the blade: 2.8 cm (1.1 inches).

The spine thickness of the blade: 8 mm (0.31 inches).

Buyers from CHINA, please be aware that according to the Chinese customs regulation it's illegal to import swords into China, make sure you have the shipping address in Hong Kong, or in other country which the custom regulations permits such an object, and this address must be the shipping address on your PayPal payment, as we will Not ship to China.

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