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SOLD Rare Authentic Antique 17th -18th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Karabela


SOLD Rare, authentic Antique, 17th -18th century, Turkish Ottoman Islamic sword, Karabela, with a horn hilt of characteristic Karabela form, enclosed by silver straps retained by domed rivets. The outer side adorned with six silver batons, the inner with five silver buttons, (one is missing).

A silver crossguard with bud – shaped terminals, engraved with tulip flower heads riveted to the grip by an iron pin and bound with silver wire.

Massive and broad, curved, single edged blade of kilij form, with a pronounced yelmen cut on each side below the spine, with a long slender fuller and deeply struck on the both sides with a crescent moon and stars.

CONDITION: Age and usage is showing. The silver wire is a later addition, some straps rivets are also replacements, added when the sword was used. The rhino hilt with age cracks is common in old rhino horn hilts, caused by dryness. However, the sword is in good condition considering that its age to be of 200 years. The sword is free of any modern repairs or restoration. We did not perform any improvements to the sword by cleaning, repairing, or polishing. We decided to leave the sword in the original condition, since the market is flowing with reproductions of Karabela swords professionally aged to look old and authentic, therefore, we do not want to improve the look in any way, so the buyers are able to confirm that this particular Karabela is a genuine antique.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 90 cm (35 1/2 in). Length of the blade: 76.5 cm (30 1/8 in).

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