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SOLD Rare Antique South Indian Sacrificial Scythe Matchu Axe Sword 17th Century India


SOLD A very rare antique, 17th century, South Indian Sacrificial Scythe - Chopper - Axe - Sword ‘Matchu’ Kongaval. A very well made, heavy, curved, sharp steel blade designed for lopping! The back of the blade deeply chiselled with head of mythological animal, “Makara," with its original turned hardwood hilt with brass ferrule and pommel.

These Sacrificial scythes, or cleavers, have been used for ceremonial duties to sacrificial animals, bulls and goats, in one blow. Humans would also have been sacrificed in certain Hindu cults, such as Kali Mai, the 'Dark Mother' and wife of Shiva.

REFERENCES: A similar Sacrificial Scythe from Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection is published in the book 'Hindu Arms and Ritual' by R.Elgoods, Page. 70, in which he discusses the different names given to these implements 'veecharooval, kongaval' - Egerton, vettu katti - Malayalam language, larkan - Madurai.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 47.6 cm (18 3/4 inches). Length of the blade: 22.8 cm (9 inches).

CONDITION: Age and usage is showing, cracks in the hardwood hilt, otherwise in good condition considering its age to be of 300 years.

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