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SOLD Rare Antique 19th Century 1882 French Longwy Ceramic Vase By Emmanuel Kilbert


SOLD Very Rare antique, 19th century, marked and dated November 1882, French Longwy ceramic, large vase of baluster form, superbly hand painted with flowers on a powder blue ground, highlighted with gold and signed by the very famous Impressionist ceramic painter Emmanuel Kilbert, a French artist renowned for his work at Longwy, Gien and Montigny-sur-Loing.

The base of the vase marked with impressed Longwy mark comprising encircle “LONGWY” “H” “1182”, and the catalogue Number 1934. This type of the Longway impressed marks was used from 1870 to 1910. The first two numbers are corresponding to the month, and the last two are the year, which is: “November, 1882”.

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This vase had been purchased by the previous owner in early 80’s in a Toronto antique store and had never been offered for sale until now. This is the first time we have placed this vase for sale. Since Emmanuel Kilbert worked for a short period of time as a painter for LONGWY, from 1883 to 1885, there are not many of his art works in existence in the private collections, and the museum collections, and rarely appeared on the international art market. However, we were able to find his art work on display in the famous exhibition of impressed ceramic Barbotines de Longwy » Faïence décorative de 1882 à 1895 at Château de Quintin “La céramique d’artistes peintres de 1850 à 1916 Château de Quintin. Also in the collection of the Museum of art and history of Melun “LES AMIS DU MUSÉE DE MELUN”

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A ceramic plate signed by Emmanuel Kilbert in the Christie’s Paris, 5 July, 2005.

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Link to Wikipedia, where the names of the famous ceramic painters are listed, the Kilbert name is just beside an Emile Gallé.

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Translation in English:

Pottery or earthenware decorated with the "slip" or "half-slip" were produced by many factories and handicraft workshops: Auteuil Atelier, the Faience of Luneville-Saint-Clément Keller & Guérin1, Marlotte, Montigny-sur-Loing, Gien, Longwy, Sarreguemines, Vallauris, etc. Many artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth attended the plastic adventure Barnoin the Eugene and Ernest Carrière painters Clairin, Emile Gallé, Kilbert, Kuijtenbrouwer, Landry, Leo Parville, Alfred Renaudin, Charles Rudhart, Quost Carl Schuller, the sculptor Paul Aubé.

Emmanuel Kilbert was a painter in the studio of Eugene Schopin to 1881- 82, and then worked from 1883 to 1885 among the brothers d'Huart in Longwy, before working for Dominique Grenet in Gien. He especially made decorations with flowers.

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Link to the picture of the vases signed by Emmanuel Kilbert .


Below are the links to the site with some other art works of Emmanuel Kilbert.

CONDITION: The vase is generally in good condition, considering its age of more than 1033 years, with no cracks, there is, on the rim of the middle section of the vase, a spot which looks like a minor chip, over-painted with gold paint, (please see the picture in the listing). The base has a half drilled hole, we do not know if the vase was made original as a lamp and the hole was made for that purpose, or, if the hole was drilled later and the vase was converted to a lamp.

MEASUREMENTS: Height: 37 cm (14.57 inches). Width: 19.5 cm (7.68 inches).

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