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SOLD Original WWII Japanese Imperial Army Officer’s Shin Gunto Signed Katana Sword


SOLD A semi antique, probably made during the Second World War in early 1940’s.Original, WWII, Japanese Imperial Army Officer’s Shin Gunto Pattern Showa 9 (1934 A.D) military Katana Sword, made to resemble a traditional Japanese samurai sword Katana.

Details: A beautiful hand forged, slightly curved, sharp, sturdy steel blade with copper Habaki, and nice visible temper line, Hamon. The tongue with one mekugi-ana, signed on one one side with four Japanese characters. The wood handle, (Tsuka), fitted on each side with a strip of sting-ray skin and then artfully wrapped in a flat, braided, brownfabric tape. Under the wrap there are two Menuki, decorated with cherry blossoms which is the symbol of the Imperial Army. Hilt fittings consist the brass pommel cap (Kabutogane), at the butt-end of the handle, mounted with a tassel loop called a suru-te, a brass cooler called a fuchi, the brass army pattern guard, (Tsuba), is also decorated with cherry blossoms, and two, oval shaped, Spacer Washers, Seppa, made of iron.

The wooden sword’s scabbard, (Saya), with brass suspension mount is covered with brown leather intended for field use.


1. Swords of Imperial Japan, 1868 – 1945 by Jim Dawson.

2. Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945 by Richard Fuller & Ron Gregory

We will provide the buyer with a copy of the page from the mentioned reference together with a certificate of authenticity.

CONDITION: Surface of the blade with pitting and stain. The tip with minor nick and signs of sharpening. The blade is straight, has no bends, cracks, or flaws. The leather cover of the scabbard worn, and slightly damaged, the copper Habaki is stuck to the blade, so we are not able to remove it. Seppa’s corroded. The ray skin on the handle impaired.

MEASUREMENTS (approximately):

The overall length in the scabbard is: 92 .5cm (36.42 inches).

The overall length of the sword without the scabbard: 92 cm (36.22 inches).

The overall length of the blade with the tang 85.5 cm (33.66 inches).

The length of the blade: 64.5 cm (25.39 inches).

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