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SOLD Extremely Rare Antique Imperial Russian Napoleonic Hussar Officers' Sword Sabre


SOLD Extremely Rare Antique late 18th early 19th century 1798 pattern Imperial Russian hussar officer’s sword. (Period of Emperor Alexander I reign). Used throughout the Napoleonic Wars.

DETAILS: A brass stirrup hilt of typical Russian hussar form with a solid knuckle bow with a pair of langets, downbend rear quillon, and a plain back-strap rising up to the form of a rounded button finial ,retaining its original leather-covered wooden grip bound with copper ribbon and twisted wire. A slightly curved single edged steel blade cut with a shallow full-length fuller. In its original brass scabbard fitted with two suspension rings the outer side decorated with pierced panels lined with black leather.

CONDITION: Some minor pitting to the blade, the scabbard is with dents and some cracks and old repairs, otherwise in good condition.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length with the scabbard: 102 cm (40 1/8 in), overall length without the scabbard: 95 cm (37 3/8 in), length of the blade: 82 cm (32 1/4 in).

REFERENCES: Russian Edged Weapons by Alexander Kulinsky .2005. Page: 158 -159.

Russian military swords from the second half of the 18th century are very rare compared to the late 19th and early 20th century Russian swords which are much more common.

We will provide the buyer with a copy of the page from the mentioned reference together with a certificate of authenticity.

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