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SOLD Authentic Antique Ukrainian Cossack Sword Sabre 18th Century Ukraine


SOLD Authentic antique, 18th century, Ukrainian Cossack sword- sabre made in the style of Turkish – Persian sabre, Shamshir.

DETAILS: A broad and study curved blade with narrow fullers interrupted by stamped dots. The hilt is with black horn grips with iron ferrule and brass cross guard with short languets, and long quillons of square section with two - stage knob finials.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 92.3cm (37 1/4 inches).

CONDITION: In its original condition as was found, free of repairs and restorations, the horn grips damaged.



Украина- козацька держава by Володимир Недяк. (Ukrainian Cossack State, by Volodymyr Nedyak).

The Buyer will be provided with copies of the pages from the mentioned references along with a certificate of authenticity.

During the 17th-18th century the Ukrainian Cossacks were using Turkish, Persian and Polish sabers, however, they made their swords on the base of Persian and Turkish swords. These swords, made on Turkish and Persian shamshir style, are typical combat swords, and not as fancy as the eastern swords, with simple hilts without any fancy decor, the cross guards are mostly made of plain brass free of any decoration. The blades are made of hand forged steel, but not Damascus steel as the Turkish and Persian shamshir blades and are wider and heavier than eastern blades. This particular sword is a rare example of the rare Ukrainian Cossack sword made in the style of Turkish – Persian sabre Shamshir.

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