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SOLD Authentic Antique 18th century Spanish Bronze Reliquary Cross Caravaca Crucifix


SOLD Authentic antique 18th century Spanish bronze reliquary cross Caravaca made of two pieces in the form of Patriarchal Cross with double cross bar, body of Christ, with the figure of the Virgin Mary standing on a crescent moon below, flanked by two angels. The base represents the mount Golgotha with the skull of Adam on the center. The reverse of Crucifix is decorated with floral ornament and nine openings to hold third class relics.

Legends of the Caravaca cross: In the year 1231, when Caravaca figured prominently in the siege to the kingdom of Granada, the Moorish monarch Ceyt Abuceyt accompanied by all his court commanded the priest Father Gines Perez Chirinos to demonstrate his ecclesiastical activity. Just before the celebration of Mass, the priest realized that he forgot to ask for a crucifix which was an essential object to be placed on the altar. Having prayed to God for help, to the surprise of all present, there was the miraculous appearance of the double-arm cross, brought by two angels. This amazing apparition brought about the conversion of the Moorish king to Christianity

MEASUREMENTS: approximate dimensions: Height including suspension loop: 12.3cm (4 7/8 in). Width: 6 cm (2 3/8 in).

CONDITION: In its original condition showing the age and usage, the suspension loop appears to be a later addition and is soldered to the old part.

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