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SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Matchlock Gun Islamic Musket


SOLD A rare antique 17th century Turkish Ottoman matchlock musket. The musket has an octagonal Damascus steel barrel struck and inlaid in silver with the makers mark, and a figured Circassian walnut stock extensively chipped and cracked. Only a few Ottoman matchlock muskets of this type survive in Turkey, most can be seen outside of Turkey at museums in Poland and Ukraine as the muskets were taken from the Turks as booty by the Poles and the Cossacks during the 17th century wars with the Ottoman Empire.

Similar guns are published in the Turkish catalogue of Ottoman Firearms at the Askeri Military Museum Harbiye Istanbul. " Askeri Müze Osmanli Ve Cumhuriyet Dönemi ATEŞLI SILAHLAR kataloğu"by Aysel Çötelioğlu.

These types of Turkish guns were very popular and widely used by Zaporozhian and Don Cossacks during the 17th century.

Overall length: 127cm (50 in). We are shipping internationally.

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